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Diva Dance Australia Returns for Season 2

Diva Dance Australia is proud to be a returning sponsor of Kids Artistic Revues (KAR) Australian tour in 2016.
Owned by Sydney locals Tanya and Savo Stankovich, Diva Dance Australia was established three years ago with a single product; and a lot of enthusiasm to improve Australian Dancers access to safe and affordable training equipment and exercises. Since then, Diva Dance Australia has found their niche in helping dancers of all genres, ages and experience levels with the best and most advanced training tools and education; both in Australia and overseas.
“We as a company and, more importantly as dance parents of a competitive dancer, very quickly realised just how incredible the KAR experience was here in Australia on their 2015 tour. Right from the first meeting and introductions, we saw a friendly, professional and very well organised team that cared only about one thing; bringing the best competition experience possible to Australian dancers. KAR impressed us not only with their professionalism, but also with their honest, fair and completely unbiased approach to dance competitions; and when every child on stage leaves feeling good about themselves and rewarded with recognition on that same stage, well, that’s something that needs to be supported. That, coupled with the extraordinary addition of their Convention workshops at every location, allows our children to grow and develop as dancers in a safe, honest and caring environment. – Welcome back Down Under KAR, we are honoured to be a part of your 2016 tour and look forward to your involvement in the future of Australian Dance.”
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